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on the ongoing bloody crackdown in cairo, president obama today called on both sides to cease-fire. however, he did not take the strongest action possible, which would be pulling u.s. aid. nbc bay area's steve handlesman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president obama walked a thin line as he came to the music on martha's vineyard. he condemned the crackdown by egypt's military. >> we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> reporter: but mr. obama suggested many egyptians, maybe a majority, i wanted the army to oust elected president mow ham mid-morsi and wanted the protests by pro-morsi backers ended but he said egyptians and he are horrified by 500-plus dead and by protesters killing cops and attacking christians. >> we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and con dent attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. >> reporter: the president could have gone further. he coul
president obama cancelled joint military exercise there's. rzur relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation with k.not continue as unusual when -- usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights being rolled back. >> the president has not cancelled the $1.3 billion in military aid the u.s. sends to egypt. p)y has been blamed for the crack down. >> in sports bud selig announced a plan that will change major league baseball with more use of instant replay. >> the plan making replay available for all calls except for balls and strikes giving managers three challenges per game. >> he is calling this proposal historic. reports sate idea was widely accepted by all 30 teams today. the union for umpires has to approve this, it's expected to be finalized with changes taking affect next season. coming up at 4:55 weem go live in oakland. there have been many missed calls. so new plan will change a lot of stuff. >> spebser is off today, spannedda -- sandhya patel is in. >> yes. it's looking good. you can see a silver of fog along the coast. skies are blue out sichld temperat
with avocado made before your eyes. subway. eat fresh. welcome back to the kron4 morning news printthe obama administration is making changes to the plus loan program that may help thousands of families qualify for the college financial aid. the education department says it has expanded support has for families that have recent but small-scale debt. they may now become eligible appeals. parents and graduate students who use plus loans have no borrowing limit, but they face interest rates student loans.obama-student loans education department making education department says it has expanded support for bankruptcy judge to approve the hearing had been save the merger. cisco systems is cutting five- percent of its workforce. the company cites the difficult economic climate as the reason for the 4- thousand layoffs which are set to begin in 2014. cisco designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! n
toll coming in from egypt and president obama may make a statement in just a couple of minutes on the violent government crackdown in egypt. >>> good morning. traffic is going to be busy in some areas, especially contra costa county. but here on the golden gate, it looks good south. >>> much bigger fog bank. inland temperatures will still be warm. everything is pointing towards a pretty big cooldown for the weekend. more on that. the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible. >>> stocks are falling today on continued uncertainty over when and how quick lit federal reserve will begin to wind down its program that stimulates the world's largest economy. also walmart and cisco warn of weak sales and interest rates are rising
obama left the situation room to play cards, that is according to the president's bodyguard at the time. reggie love was a president aide who shadowed the president almost all times. love told an audience president obama left the situation room at times that night reportedly telling love, i can't watch this whole thing. love says he, the president and some other men played 15 games of spades that night in the white house. the director of a u.s. national counterterrorism center says the president did leave the situation room at some points during the evening, but the president was in the situation room for the actual raid. so far no comment from the white house. >>> right now let's check the business and tech world. new this morning, cisco chairman john chambers playing the grim reaper today addressing his employers. he'll tell them who is getting laid off. >> scott mcgrew, 4,000 jobs will go. while we still don't know specifically where, we have to guess san jose could be hit hard. >> pretty hard. the headquarters of cisco systems, moments ago chambers talking with our colleagues at cnb
and morsi supporters have killed at least 500 people. president obama addressed the volatile situation earlier this morning. >> the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks that we've seen by protestors including on churches. >> president obama scrapped a joint u.s. egyptian military exercise scheduled for next month. >>> a subtle stand against anti- gay laws in russia. the message behind those rainbow nails from an international track and field star coming up. >> i was just shocked to see how many underaged girls were being sold. >> a terrible realization has ignited a real rescue mission but theses bay women never blinked. what they are doing to get women and children off the streets. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. a lot of sunshine showing up now. this is going to be as good as it gets to the remainder of the week. we'll talk about that coming up. at farmers we make you smarte
state of emergency and a nighttime curfew. president obama is expected to speak about the latest violence in egypt in about an hour. >>> you heard it here first. you will be able to drive on the new eastern span of the bay bridge in less than three weeks. kpix 5 broke the news last night and kpix 5 reporter anne makovec with today's vote that is just a formality. anne. >> reporter: we have that exclusive information yesterday in advance of this morning's meeting that the labor day opening for the new span of the bay bridge here behind me is a go. the feds and the governor are in support of opening the new span as soon as possible now that there's a temporary fix for the 32 broken bolts that snapped in march. now crews will be scrambling to get the new span ready, paving and painting the roadway. >> there's a sense of pride in it but there's a sense of satisfaction. it's a whole team that worked on it. and it's nice to see us get to the finish line. >> there will be a modest ceremony marking the grand opening much smaller than the hoopla officials were initially planning like a ma
and suffering. >> reporter: president obama kept informed on vacation but so far has not pulled u.s. aid. >> and our days for being able to influence egyptian politics one way or the other have long gone. >> reporter: like the stability of the world's largest arab nation, once a reliable u.s. ally. >>> the principal who devoted himself to helping rebuild columbine high has decided to retire. principal announced this is his last year at the school acknowledging that it has been an emotional decision for him. after the deadly shooting he stayed on the job because he promised the then-ninth grade class he would remain tew their graduation. the class graduated in 2012. they were kindergarteners at the time of the shooting. >> we had to redefine what normal is. people feel after a horrific event you wake up and everything is back to where it was. it is never going to be. that doesn't mean you give up hope. >> he says he knows columbine will also be associated with the mass shooting. he says schools are now safer and public awareness is much higher. >>> the big change at the pentagon where pla
obama reacted to that house. >> we call on the region shin authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the protesters we've seen by protesters, including on churchers. >> they blocked a road near the mira mid. >>> a 37-year-old man is shot and killed by hayward police. coming up we'll take you inside the apartment where it all happened and you will hear from the suspect's family. >>> been a week of warmer weather. kurt meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with what we can expect this week -- ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with what we can expect this week and weekend. >>> plus a big wrestler from the wwe. >>> hey wrard police had no choice but to shoot a 37-year- old man after they say he threatened them with a knife. it all happened in the 2100 block of tenny soon road in a large apartment complex. new at noon, ktvu's claudine wong gives us a look at where the shots were fired and why on more the suspect's family is now speaking out. >> reporter: it happened in this upstairs apartment. re
fought medicare for years beforee1 lynn b. johnsonÑi could sign it into law. andlpe1 now obamae1 careÑilp wi online insuranceok marketplace here in california oni] october 1st? aae we ready? these are the folks who ìá& mobilize the 5.3 million californias who are underinsured. we rant wanted to know if they had enoughlp át to prepare gn the bulky amount of material to absorb. >> when i walked in i saw theÑi manual whicht( is about three o four inches thick and i took a picture of it. i was like this is crazy. i never had a manual this thick. >> reporter: but nadya and her colleagues discovered the material in this document isn't that complicated. >> it's a lot simpler than i thought it would be. it would be. >> reporter: there are 13 yr5át companies, some with big names that you recognize that have state approved plans on the exchange. the idea is because there are so many of them in one pool thee1 prices as a whole willlp come down. and while it's true thereó[ ar fancy flowcharts and if you 6lrt here, then you qualify there type of thing, all you know is ifxd you need to know i
of headlines. how did president obama spend part of the night osama bin laden was killed? the surprising admission coming from a former aide. >>> and we've got a special thursday morning concert from jimmy buffet out on the plaza. yes, there are some parrot heads out there. i said it before. when i grow up, i want to live the life of jimmy buffet. >> i know. >> this guy's got it figured out. it just spells fun. >> take us to margaritaville. >> we'll have that concert in our 8:30 half hour and more ahead but first we'll take a look at your local news and weather. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] breathe easy in your home, get a two pack of filtrete micro allergen air filters for only 18 dollars at lowe's. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? sthat is why
to the violence, and demanded they seek peace. what hasn't been said is whether the obama administration will end aid to the country. they've given billions in dollars to help stabilize the country. there's a growing concern that those resources are being used against civilians. people are saying it needs to be looked at, whether or not that money needs to be ended especially because experts say there's no telling when or how this country is going to regain stability at this time. reporting live in washington, i'm danielle lee. laura, back to you. >> certainly doesn't look like it's coming any time soon. thank you very much, danielle. >>> more devastation on the international scene. this is in iraq where more than 30 people are dead this morning following a series of car bombs in bagdad. iraqi officials say five car bombs exploded across the capital this morning. that also wounded dozens of other people. one of those bombs went off near a bus station. this violence has been on the rise in iraq since a security crackdown on a sunni protest camp in april. since then more than 3,000 people have been
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12